In the event of a catastrophe and telephone service to our building is interrupted, our Disaster Routing Service will go into effect and dialing our main number (713-785-4070) will connect you with an operator who will give you claim reporting information. Should the severity of the disaster cause AT&T's central office to temporarily lose the capability to provide the Disaster Routing Service, you will be unable to contact us by telephone. You may, however, contact your Insurance Carrier directly by selecting from the attached list to report your claim.

In addition to taking action to protect your assets prior to a catastrophe, some basic steps can be taken to mitigate your loss and to expedite the processing of a claim should disaster strike.

  • Take photographs of your home and/or business and store offsite.
  • Make a detailed inventory of your property and store offsite.
  • Have copies of your insurance policies readily available.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers readily available, including your insurance carrier's claims number.
  • Review your insurance policies. Do you need additional coverage?
  • Flood policies have a waiting period and coverage generally cannot be obtained when a storm is in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Don't forget to make arrangements for your pets.

Contact Frank Comiskey Agency as soon as possible.

  • Make only repairs to your property to prevent further damage.
  • Permanent repairs made before an adjuster approves them may be disallowed.
  • Take photographs of damaged property.
  • Keep receipts of all emergency repairs.
  • An insurance adjuster will be assigned to assess your damage.
  • Remember in a disaster, the number of losses is great and adjusters generally work cases in order of severity.
  • Do what you can to minimize the damage to your property and have paperwork and documentation available for the adjuster when he does contact you.
  • Keep as much as possible of the damaged property for the adjuster to view when he contacts you.

We at Frank Comiskey Agency hope that a Disaster Plan is never needed, but we intend to be here to handle your insurance needs in the aftermath should the events call for extraordinary actions to protect our clients.